Meet our System Engineer, Arend

As a System Engineer, you’re an expert in technology and interact regularly with the DevOps team, ensuring smooth operations.

Chances are you don't know Arend yet. Partly because he has only been working at Grexx since January, and partly because he mainly works behind the scenes. As our System Engineer, he maintains our internal technology systems at Grexx and ensures we have the right updates, firewall and switch configurations and tackles other technical tasks. 

Though we have only known him for a short time, our team agrees on two things: Arend is one of the most down-to-earth Systems Engineers you’ll ever meet, and he can be a little too good at table tennis.

Broad background

Arend has a broad technical background, with extensive experience as a Linux engineer and system engineer at multiple companies. He also gained years of valuable experience working as a consultant for Brunel and Conclusion. This experience has greatly contributed to his work as an engineer.

"From my time in consulting, I know better how business works and how organizations are put together, what applications are running and how they are used. You pick up something at every job and employer, of course, but this experience gives me an idea of what Grexx Platform is used for in practice."

Deep in engineering

As a systems engineer, Arend does a lot of puzzle solving. “Of course, part of my work is now standard practice. The basics are the same everywhere. But every company has its own peculiarities, the environment is set up differently everywhere. I like to dive into that. I have only worked at Grexx for a short time, so I am still making the environment my own. And that means learning a lot, interacting with colleagues, finding out why things are set up in a certain way and improving things. That’s great work. I currently work a lot with my colleagues Maurice (technical consultant), Bart (CTO) and Sinan (software support engineer) on various projects. It's a nice team with a relaxed atmosphere. I work two days a week in the office, with a large part of the team. So it’s cozy."

Private life.

Arend lives with his partner and children in Uitgeest, where he maintains a busy social life. He coaches a soccer team, organizes discos and outings for people with disabilities and enjoys sports such as soccer, mountain biking and going to the gym. If you happen to visit Grexx's office, look for the guy wearing bright red Nike Airmax–that’s most likely Arend!

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