Become a low-code expert
at your own pace.

Grexx Academy offers flexible certified training courses in low-code expertise and development, tailored to suit your needs. Whether you’re new to the field or have some experience, and whether you are looking to improve operations within your company or create solutions for external clients, Grexx Academy offers two flexible training certifications: Grexx Certified Developer and Grexx Certified Expert.

Start your journey toward a successful
career at Grexx Academy

With the Grexx low-code platform, you have all the flexibility you need. Whether you want to help your company internally or create solutions for other companies. Our Academy offers many opportunities.

Grexx Certified Developer

Do you enjoy working finding innovative solutions for complex issues? Do you have a passion for solving puzzles? Are you fascinated by technology or perhaps have previous experience in IT? As a Grexx Certified Developer, you will trained to be able to independently configure a complex low-code application.

Grexx Certified Expert

Do you have strong conceptual and problem-solving skills and enjoy working with businesses and IT to create business value and drive innovation?As a Grexx Certified Expert, you will learn to take the lead in designing and configuring Grexx solutions for security, scalability, and quality. You will become an expert in guiding the entire process from challenge to solution. You’ll be able to independently model and configure the capabilities of the Grexx’s Platform.

Get Grexx certified

Grexx trains and coaches you and/or your team to achieve successful results for your organization. Our coaches have over 10 years of implementation experience and are more than happy to share their knowledge.

Grexx Certified Developer

As a Grexx Certified Developer, you are able to independently configure a complex low-code application.

Grexx Certified Expert

As a Grexx Expert, you can guide the entire process from challenge to solution. You can model, configure, and you have experience with all the features of the Grexx Platform.


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What are the costs of the Academy?

Everyone can follow our e-learning modules; all it takes is a personal (free) account.

Please contact us for the costs of certification. We give a discount of up to 50% depending on the package!

How long does the program take?

That depends on your own pace.

What does a Grexx certification mean?

If you want to be certified, you will need to demonstrate that you have good knowledge of the Grexx Platform.

More questions?

We are here to help you.