Streamline & expedite your digital transformation with Grexx’s low-code platform.

We comprehend the digital transformation challenges you face. Grexx’s platform gives you the solutions. It can handle complex processes, connections with diverse stakeholders, complicated governance and is adaptable for ongoing business development and enhancement.

Grexx's platform 4 key components.

Digitalization is a continuous process requiring ongoing learning, production development, and improvement. Grexx’s platform makes the process easy and more manageable with its four key components: Grexx Studio, MyGrexx, Grex Marketplace and Coaching & Consulting.

Grexx Connect, fulfilling your integration needs.

In today’s world, software applications rarely operate in isolation, so having the ability to integrate with other existing software is essential in order to fully harness an application’s capabilities. Grexx Connect, our component for integrations with other systems, provides you with access to many out-of-the-box integrations that allow for seamless interaction with existing systems and applications.


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How much knowledge is required to begin using Grexx?

Little or no programming experience is needed to develop a business application, though some may be beneficial in certain cases. However, it is important to note that programming is not something that can be learned easily. Our experience and expertise in the industry has shown us that a combination of programming skills and knowledge, as well as familiarity with modeling business processes, is needed for successful and efficient development. This experience can be gained through previous IT projects or from experience abstracting business activities in other fields, such as research or developing mathematical or language models.

How does the Grexx platform reduce the risk of supplier lock-in?

We are dedicated to transferring our knowledge and skills to our customers, with the ultimate goal of making them self-sufficient in application development. No consultancy is needed to independently modify existing applications or develop new ones, yet should the need arise to develop the applications on a different platform, in-house, cost-effective knowledge is available.

We prioritize maintaining strong customer-supplier relationships. Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years, not because they feel "locked-in" or obligated, but because they value Grexx’s platform capabilities and the support provided to achieve independence.

What are the benefits of using Grexx’s platform?

There are many benefits to be mentioned in using our Grexx platform. One of the main advantages is the ability to quickly and cost-effectively develop complex applications using our development environment, Grexx Studio. In addition, our cloud environment allows for new application growth that is both worry-free and rapidly scalable and secure. We also take data security seriously and have a high level of certification, which means your data is always well protected. Another major advantage is our coaching and consultancy team that can assist you, free of charge, even if you are not familiar with coding. Our goal is to help you to develop applications on your own quickly and with ease. 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of Grexx’s platform is its ability to serve as a foundation for further additional customized digital applications. Our platform has been tested and proven successful over the past 15 years, meeting the needs of even the most demanding of clients.

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