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With our low-code platform, you automate complex work, connect your stakeholders and digitalize your business processes. In addition, the platform offers the possibility for innovation of products and services.

Thanks to the experience of developing more than 100 applications, we have perfected our low-code platform to what it is today, with 15 years of experience in the cloud. 

Highly productive

Custom applications can be created quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with other applications with Grexx Connect.

Reusable components

Standard components are available and further expandable.

Complex business processes

With little/no code to create application.

Flexible code

Your own pieces of code easily integrated.

Scalable use

Adaptable to all your usage, small or large.

Data in trusted hands.

With 15+ years of experience running applications in the cloud for customers, Grexx has developed a Compliance Program that continuously improves the operational quality of the low-code platform.

Annually, we have the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the low-code platform application data reviewed by external auditors. Grexx has a SOC2 ISAE 3402 Type II assurance report, is ISO 27001 and NL-NEN 7510 certified, and GDPR-compliant.

The integrity of data usage is a hot topic. Our platform takes care of this for you. Our chain is compliant and so are the immediately adjacent links.

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Meet senior consultant Matthijs Teerlink

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Grexx passed again its ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications!

Great news! We have yet again passed the recertifications for ISO 27001 and NEN 7510.