Grexx' Flowerboxx wins Computable Award

De uitreiking van de Computable Awards 2021. Deze editie valt Grexx in de prijzen en wel in de categorie MKB-project.

The presentation of the Computable Awards 2021. This year, Grexx won the SME project category. 

The presentation of the annual Computable Awards took place again on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021. This year, Grexx was recognized in the SME project category for their innovative Flowerboxx.

The Computable Awards are awarded every year to innovative and high-quality ICT projects. An independent jury, combined with public votes, determines the winners. This theme of this year’s awards was 'accelerate now', highlighting the importance of digital acceleration started during the corona pandemic and how organizations have adapted to new developments.

Flowerboxx in the news

The award has not escaped the attention of the market. In addition to a post on the Computable website there have also been mentions in news articles and recognition from platforms such as Royal Flora Holland, a cooperative organization of flower growers who mentioning Grexx’s win on their website. Trade magazine Hortipoint also responded to our win, calling the "online toolbox" that supports them in the digitalizing of their flower store easy-to-use software. The award also made headlines internationally. Thursd, a major international platform for flowers, named the win of the "prestigious" award in an article on their website.

When asked about the win, Pieter Hufen CEO of Grexx stated, “We see this recognition as support to continue with the Grexx Platform. We are there especially for organizations like florists for whom digitalization is not as high on the agenda. Thanks to Grexx Platform, they can compete with more wealthy companies, such as chain stores and online marketplaces. But it doesn't stop there: the applications developed also lend themselves perfectly to similar sectors. So, industry associations or owners of franchise formulas: don't hesitate!”

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